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What stops you from creating everything you desire? From pursuing all of your dreams?
If you’ve found yourself here, then I can make a couple of assumptions about you. You’re probably looking for something; a technique, a process, a way out of the situation you find yourself in. Maybe you’re blocked. Trying other more traditional tools and techniques doesn’t seem to give you the results you desire.

Whatever your particular path, I’m here to tell you that you can change. You can achieve your goals. You can live the life you dream. And you can do it relatively quickly.

Why do I believe that you can change quickly?

I’m certain of this because of the people I help daily. I also know this because of my own journey. I can help you control your habits, enhance your career, improve your performance, overcome any obstacles in your self and grow into the person you want to be. I can work with you one on one or in a group.

I can help you align your motivation with your desires. You’re here for a reason, so I recommend you read on to learn how you can utilize a powerful tool for change and achieve your dreams.

It is never too late to be what you might have been
~George Elliot

How does it work? How can you make the changes you desire?
All of our behavior is trying to get us something positive: love, acceptance, safety, security, control, etc. We make the most important decisions about who we are and how we want to be in the world when we are young and don’t have enough information about how the world works.

Most of us have not re-evaluated those decisions. Instead, through repetition we taught our subconscious limiting behaviors and beliefs; and our subconscious mind does what it does best, which is to reproduce those behaviors on a regular basis.

When we accept this idea, then we can let go of any judgment of ourselves based on our behavior and we can begin the process of change.

Would you like proven techniques for changing your life for the better?
Hypnosis is a powerful tool for accessing the subconscious mind and changing thought patterns that were installed when you were a child. Hypnosis is a process that produces a natural state of suggestibility; a powerful learning state in which you are directed to your own inner resources and creativity. All of us have the tools and solutions necessary for a more effective life. We just sometimes need help in knowing where to look. For a detailed list of potential uses for hypnosis look here, although I’m sure you can come up with some of your own.

NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming) explores the relationship between how we think (neuro), how we communicate both verbally and non-verbally (linguistic) and our patterns of behavior and emotion (programs). Most importantly NLP is a therapeutic tool that allows for complete flexibility to maximize change. Simply put, NLP allows us to understand how you do what you do in order for you to begin the process of change. Fostering a physiology and psychology of excellence, NLP is a rapid and powerful tool for facilitating change.

Therapeutic Imagery uses the natural ability of the unconscious to communicate in symbols, metaphors and stories. Communicating with these images allows you to tap into the inherent healing and growth potential of the unconscious mind and heal the wounds of the past.





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Top 80 Hypnotherapy Applications

01. Powerful Self-Confidence
02. Unstoppable Motivation
03. Peak Performance
04. Unleash Creativity
05. Releasing Anger
06. Positive Self Image
07. Letting Go of Excessive Worry
08. Releasing Guilt
09. Empowering Entrepreneurs
10. Stopping Nail Biting
11. Releasing Anxiety
12. Ease Stress
13. Public Speaking Mastery
14. Improved Memory
15. Powerful Concentration
16. Lower Blood Pressure
17. Stop Smoking
18. Overcome Stage Fright
19. Reach Goals
20. Overcoming Procrastination
21. Change Negative Habits
22. Improve Sales
23. Attitude Adjustment
24. Career Success
25. Overcome Exam Anxiety
26. Relationship Enhancement
27. Stopping Hair Twisting
28. Easing Nausea
29. Surgical Recovery
30. Chronically Late or Tardy
31. Stop Gambling
32. Overcoming Performance Anxiety
33. Letting Go of Perfectionism
34. Lack of Initiative
35. Stop Self Sabotage
36. Stopping Pornography Addiction
37. Hopelessness
38. No Longer Overly Critical
39. Overcoming Negativism
40. Move Through Grief
41. Weight Loss
42. Stop Substance Abuse
43. Improve Study Habits
44. Overcome Fears
45. Letting Go of Phobias
46. Sleep Through the Night/Stop Insomnia
47. Pain Management
48. Sports Excellence
49. Overcoming Stuttering
50. Fear of Dentists
51. Fear of Death
52. Fear of Surgery
53. Accelerate Healing
54. Overcoming Impotency
55. Pain Free Child Birth
56. Sexual Problems
57. Agoraphobia
58. Stopping Obsessions
59. Releasing Passive-Aggressive Behavior
60. Obsessive-Compulsive Behavior
61. Relaxation
62. Overcoming Addictions
63. Improve Health
64. Stop Bed Wetting
65. Overcome Sleep Disorders
66. Skin Problems
67. Medications Side Effects
68. Stop Premature Ejaculation
69. Releasing Inhibitions
70. Fear of Flying
71. Fear of Heights
72. Fear of Water
73. Fear of Animals
74. Communication
75. Stop Self-Defeating Behaviors
76. Self-Criticism
77. Stop Internet Addiction
78. Pessimism
79. Learning Forgiveness
80. Social Phobia